OM architecture & design

Kingsland, Shrewsbury

Value: £150,000

Situated in the Kingsland conservation area this Edwardian villa was built at the turn of the 19th century. Typical of a number of houses in this location the property benefits from central grand staircase and large principle rooms defined formally into living and dining rooms. Designed for households with domestic staff this resulted in small kitchens separated from the living spaces. The kitchen is now the principle space for day to day living and the heart of the house.

Following a number of client meetings and sketch proposals the final scheme resulted in a classical orangery/kitchen extension to the rear of the property. Full planning permission was granted and the scheme is now complete. Designed to fit in to the existing house, details have been copied so that the extension compliments the original house. Due to the size of the new space we have ensured that the floor to ceiling height is generous to ensure the appropriate room proportions. Comprising of a new kitchen, informal dining and living area this new addition has provided a large contemporary space which is in balance with the original house layout.